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#ausrep revival!!

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#ausrep revival!!

Post by AugustusX on Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:16 pm


As the title says I went on IRC the other day and it turns out that our long time owner of #ausrep the great Mack_Craft has moved on and it seems that the Channel ownership has subsequently been passed over... To me!

So, basically I want to try something now that I seem to be in charge and that is revive the room! For some of you folks out there you can remember the days when IRC was the hub of all things eRepublik. Crazy times were had on there and it certainly made the game so much more than two clicking.

So I implore everyone to log onto IRC and come to #ausrep to suss it out. To do so, try the link type in #ausrep and a username and you're in. From there we can guide you first timers on how to register and stuff. It's not that hard to work out.  and then .

Or you can try this link to get you there via Rizon - 1rRZIvN

EDIT: - LINK TO ARTICLE (Please Vote!)

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Re: #ausrep revival!!

Post by DrHughJardon on Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:32 pm

I stopped using IRC when every fecker went to the vpop IRC room instead so i just only used it for LETO and sending death threats to players i knew were under 12 and i had a good chance of beating up.

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