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IRC of other nations

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IRC of other nations

Post by DrHughJardon on Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:38 pm

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is the preferred choice of communication of many Governments, a link to the eAustralian IRC room can be found on the menu bar above, however on the eRepublik wikipedia page there is a link to each nations IRC rooms. Some may be out of date, some may be empty but the vast majority work.

The wiki page also includes a link to all national forums (which as with the IRC links) has some that are out of date...including our very own eAustralian forums  Razz 

So if you want the addresses to other eNations IRC rooms then click this LINK and get chatting.

First step to connect is to click the IRC link on the menu bar at the top of this page (just below the banner),  It will auto direct you to our IRC room and you just type in the nickname you want, it is recommended you chose the name you use in eRepublik. When you enter you can register your name on IRC so only you can use it, how?

- /msg nickserv register password email ->with this command you will protect your nick from others pretending to be you. For password you enter your password which you need to remember for later and for email you enter your email, which you are using but hotmail accounts will not register so try g-mail. After you do that, check your email for confirmation code and do /msg nickserv confirm confirmationCode . After you use this command you use that command /msg nickserv identify password for identify your nick, for password you need to enter your password you used for registration.

Commands that you can use on chat:

- /j #channel -> this is command to join another channel. You just tipe /j #channel (channel which you want to join, example: if you want to see what is happening in the UK's IRC then you type  /j #euk)

- /query nick -> when you want to talk to someone you use that command, but for nick you enter nick of the player you want to talk. (example /query DrHughJardon)

If you have any problems then just sign in and someone will talk you through it there and then  Very Happy  but don't be embarrassed because it can be a pain in the backside.

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Department of Defence

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