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Your Government and what they do

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Your Government and what they do

Post by DrHughJardon on Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:27 pm

Country President

Your President is elected on the 5th of each month and like the real life equivalent they have the final say on the running and appointments on the Departments below. In times when we are not wiped off the eRepublik map they have to work hand in hand with an elected Senate to help the running and defence of the eAustralia, however when we are wiped then the buck stops with him/her. Senate can propose many laws for voting in eRepublik but when we are without regions then that becomes the sole responsibility of the President which is why it is vital the country should elect active players.

Department of Defence

The Department of Defence (DoD) is the Government department that is entrusted with the defence and liberation of Australia. They communicate with other countries DoD's with regard to coordinated strikes, tactics and directing damage to our allied nations, they are the guys n' gals responsible for communicating with our nations top Military Units so we can all operate as one, with one common aim and one common goal.

Sometimes when Government finances allow they also run supplies on IRC so that our fighters have extra weapons in Important battles.

Department of Foreign Affairs

Another major Department whose job it is to liaison with other Foreign Governments, whether it be with Alliances and their meetings or arranging Mutual Protection Packs so Australia has allies on the battlefield. Our friendships and relationships with many countries is vital and you will find our MoFA spending long hours in PM's and on IRC trying to make sure we are well represented in the eyes of the world. Non Aggression pacts are also the domain of the MoFA which takes a lot of patience and diplomacy.

The MoFA also likes to keep the Government and cabinet abreast of all the latest news and developments around the eRepublik world.

Department of Education and Entertainment

A Department designed to help aid retention and keep players entertained in times where nothing much is happening in eAustralia. Sometimes they will publish competitions and lotteries and sometimes they will provide educational articles so young players can learn the game mechanics and understand how things work.

An Important and under rated department as we all need a little respite from the likes of regular invasions from Chile and Indonesia and this Is what this Department does.

Australian Defence Force

The official Government Military Unit that supplies all Division One players, of course the ADF has changed a lot over the years but sadly this has been enforced on the ADF due to financial restraints. However if you join and complete your daily orders (25 kills per day) then you receive supplies that the Government of the day has financed.

The ADF Marshal and 2nd Commanders are responsible for setting daily orders for all ADF members.

Department of Finance

An Important Department that runs our Governments finances, the Minister involved has the keys to the Reserve bank of Australia and presents the monthly budget proposed by the President for Senate to vote upon. The Departments job is to transfer funds when required and also present a financial round up at the end of each month that includes all in goings and out goings.

Joey Development Scheme

A scheme created to help young players by providing free gold when they complete certain tasks, this is designed to help them upgrade their training grounds and making them stronger players.

The scheme has changed many times mainly when the eRepublik admins changes the mechanics of the game, and it is a system that works so well it has been copied in other countries.
Department of Defence
Department of Defence

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